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A Message from AFTabout new anti-teacher union movie

September 30, 2012

Message from AFT about new anti-teachers union movie

 On Sept. 28, a new movie, “Won’t Back Down,” was released in theaters across the country. The movie, which was produced by conservative billionaire Philip Anschutz, portrays teachers unions as an obstacle to education reform. It attempts to hide its true anti-worker agenda behind an emotionally charged storyline about parents taking over a failing school.
We are strongly encouraging affiliates to help spread the real facts about this movie:
“Won’t Back Down” is flawed, inaccurate and intended to promote a political agenda to privatize education.
· The movie is intended to build support for “parent trigger” laws that allow charter school operators to collect majority petitions from parents, which then enables charter schools to take over public schools.
· Parent trigger laws are being pushed in legislatures throughout the country by organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which Walden Media owner and oil billionaire Philip Anschutz helps fund. The emotional appeal of the movie is intended to help push this type of legislation.
· Walden Media’s Anschutz has funded many organizations that operate against the public interest in favor of corporate interests.
· Anschutz opposes employees having a voice on the job through a union and collective bargaining, and he spends a lot of money trying to get those rights curtailed.
· Anschutz also has invested millions in anti-gay and anti-environmental organizations, displaying—along with his attacks on public schools—a set of values out-of-step with most audiences of this film.
It’s time to support our teachers – not vilify them
· Teachers unions across the country are working with parents, administrators, community and businesses to improve public schools, and that is the story worth telling.
 The last thing the country needs is another attack on employees and their unions. Unions give hardworking employees a voice on the job. And unions help ensure that we can advocate for those who depend on the vital services union members provide.
· Teachers are devoted to their students and their work. Despite the budget cuts we’ve seen everywhere, teachers continue to do more with less, and go above and beyond to mentor, guide and encourage children.
  Teachers unions give educators a voice in their work and the ability to work together to advocate for students and their parents.
· “Won’t Back Down” ignores the positive contributions teachers make through their unions to improve the quality of education in schools.
 The Chamber of Commerce and a number of right-wing organizations are sponsoring showings of the movie in cities across the country. If you hear of any special showings in your area, or if you have any questions or want additional information on the movie, please contact Larry Doyle, deputy director of AFT organization and field services at

Live Wire a column story written regularly for HSTA-R by Arleen Yoshimura

September 16, 2012

My “Live Wire” article will be appearing in the next issue of our Hawaii District HSTA-R HI-LITES newsletter but time is of essence and Our Dear Friend Wayne “Big Dog” Joseph needs Our Prayers, Love & Support Now.  Wayne has done so much and been there for all of us…Let’s Show Him that We’re Here for Him !!!

    Please read this article and join us in Prayer for Wayne as he “Fights for His Life”.  We ask that You also kindly share this with Your  Family and Friends because Every Prayer Counts and the Power of Prayer Can Bring Miracles.

    Thank You from the bottom of my Heart for All of Your Prayers, Love & Support for Wayne, his wife Randee and their Family.    With Love & Humble Gratitude,  Arleen

 “LIVE  WIRE”  September/October, 2012

                                                                        By:  Arleen Yoshimura

     Once in a lifetime you cross paths with an individual so extraordinary that your life is changed forever.  That Special Person is Wayne “Big Dog” Joseph.  HE IS AN INSPIRATION and has touched so many people and made such a tremendous difference in their lives as he has in mine.

     Wayne stands out in any crowd, not only because of his height, but because of his “Heart”.  Always caring & sharing, & forever striving to help others especially in improving their quality of life.  Wayne is the living example of a “healthy human being”.  He eats well, exercises and engages in so many worthy activities.  He is most well known for serving as the Executive Director of the Big Island International Marathon.  He has been instrumental in motivating hundreds of volunteers and inspiring almost a thousand runners & walkers from around the world to participate.  The “Big Dog” as he is fondly known is also famous for his weekly column in the Hawaii Tribune-Herald.  With his warm & human touch, he features people in our community and brings them to life as amazing individuals.

     Our paths crossed when Wayne became the VP and then President of our HI District HSTA-R.  His achievements were phenomenal…he created our district web site which established a real connection to our members, communicating updated information.  He lead a proactive informative demonstration when our current Governor visited.  He was able to personally talk to the Governor and got it on tape which the news station broadcasted.  I feel this was the catalyst that encouraged the parties to restart their efforts to resolve the teachers’ labor disputes.  He also brought other unions’ members together to join forces for our common goals.

     Wayne made history in a first ever sweep of all of the State HSTA-R Awards… Membership, Communication, Program and the Most Coveted District of the Year Award for 2012.

     Early this year, Wayne was diagnosed with a rare brain disease.  Through the insistence of his loving and supportive Wife Randee, Wayne had brain surgery on February 1st to remove a malignant tumor.  Chemo and radiation followed and he was on the “Road to Recovery”.

     Wayne and Randee recently ventured to Houston, Texas to seek further treatment, but sadly returned home.  Wayne is in a “Fight for his Life” and we’d like to ask everyone to please join in Prayer and tell all of Your Family & Friends to Pray for Wayne.  Let’s all come together in Prayer to help our Dear Friend Wayne “Big Dog” Joseph.  He needs all of Our Prayers, Love and Support More Than Ever.   With Love and Humble Gratitude, Arleen or write to HCR1 Box 5445 Keaau 96749

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HSTA-R Big Island President’s Report – Niyati Brown

September 11, 2012

Presidents Report – September 11, 2012

Aloha Members,

     I am off to a running start with my new presidency. After a period of illness and taking care of my dad on the mainland I have settled into the work at hand. I am so delighted to be working with such an efficient Executive Board and District Council. They are strong women and men with lots of experience to offer a more recent retiree like me. Listed below are the activities I have been involved with so far.

  • Democrat activities for Hawaii island
  • Exec. Board planning meeting
  • Hilo Chapter Exec. Board meeting for actives
  • Retirement Issues Committee meeting on O’ahu
  • State Board of Directors meeting on O’ahu
  • Pre-retirement workshop planning
  • Presidents training on O’ahu
  • Treasurers training on O’ahu
  • Activity communications with council, members, community

Thank you to all who have helped me through these beginning times as president.

In Service,

Niyati Brown, President

Hawaii District Council for 2012 – 2013

September 10, 2012

Hawaii District Council 2012-2013

                                              President – Cynthia (Niyati) Sallee-Brown

Vice-President Avis Mortemore
Secretary Lorraine Hora
Treasurer Lois Shimizu
Council At-Large
Y. Joe Tanaka
Bettye Wakabayashi
Myrna Watanabe
Arleen Yoshimura
Joyce Hirata
Betty Ann Yoshimura
(2 vacant seats)


Ex Officio:
JoAnn Iwane – WHCC President
Stephen Ono – State GR Co-Chair
Wayne Joseph – Past President

HSTA R calendar 2012-2013 Hawaii Island Council

September 5, 2012

HSTA-R Hawaii Island Council

Calendar 2012-13

     All council meetings will be held at the Hilo Lagoon Building  Room #145 at 9:00AM unless otherwise stated or relocated with notice.

August 14                 September 11

September 18  Blood Bank project                   October 16

November 20            December 22  Hospice helpers at Macy’s project

December 11                    January 22         February 1 Annual meeting Kona

February 8 Annual meeting Hilo                   March 5

March 17  Big Island Marathon project      April 9

April 26  Delegate Assembly – O’ahu

May 10 + Installation of new officers and council members luncheon

Join the West Hawaii Community Club and explore Anna Ranch Heritage Center

August 24, 2012

Welcome to Waimea! 

Car pool and spend a day in the country with fellow WHCC / HSTA-R members (spouses welcome)

             Wednesday, September 26, 2012


65-1480 Kawaihae Road


10:30 a.m. –  Meet at picnic table for light refreshment

and payment of $5.00 senior admission fee


11:00 a.m. – Tour of home & discovery trail;

gift shop available


Make reservations by Tuesday, September 11, 2012,

with Eunice Saito @ 885-4722 or



 Things to do after the tour:        WAIMEA MIDWEEK MARKET

Wednesdays @ Pukalani Stables      11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Pukalani Road (along Ace Hardware)

Free admission to Paniolo Heritage Center

during market hours


LEISURELY LUNCH @ restaurants in town


Mass sign waving in support of our HSTA Endorsed Candidates

August 8, 2012


Please help our efforts of supporting the endorsed candidates by

showing up for a Mass sign waving on Front Street this Friday,

August 10th, 2012.

HSTA will provide the signs between 3:30 and 5:00 pm. Rae Yamanaka will be coordinating this activity.   Note:  Rae will be there early to try and reserve a spot close to the bandstand.  If retirees can come by 2pm to help her reserve the closest spot to the parking lot,

Hope to see you there!!!!

The Democratic Party’s Grand Rally will follow at the Band Stand.

You may wear the HSTAR shirts, if you have one. Thanks Again!!!!

Steve Ono