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Minutes of Council Meeting 1/26/10



Attendance– Myrna Watanabe, Joe Tanaka, Muriel Nishimoto, Lois Shimizu, Arleen Yoshimura, Lillian Takemura, Wayne Joseph, Stephen Ono, Avis Mortemore, Joyce Hirata 

Absent – Bettye Wakabayashi, Sharon Yanazaki, Betty Ann Yoshimura

Call to order – The meeting was called to order by President Lorraine Hora at 9:08 am .

Minutes – The motion to accept minutes as corrected was made by Wayne ; seconded by Joe. Passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Accepted as circulated.

Other Reports

            President’s Report – Review for the Delegate’s Assembly

Paid visit to the Capitol and visited our Representatives and Senators offices.  Talked with Reps Nakashima, Hanohano and Herkes.

HARA convention was attended by Lorraine and Steve.  There were two resolutions of interest: AhQuin McElrath and one for revenue raising

VP Report – The website has started.  Wayne is encouraging all to submit short     articles to keep the site active           

Membership – As of January 18th there are 612 members.  Three new members have joined –  Antoinette Wintercamp, Julie Jensen and Christine Wada.

Phone tree – Each caller should have about 5 members to call.

Retirement issues – LAT has recommended to the HSTA Board – early endorsement in the election of the vacant House of Representative seat; early endorsement in the gubernatorial race. The legislative package has changed:

–         The committee is looking to continue VEBA.

–         HSTA Board supports generating revenue enhancement.

Legislators want to meet on a weekend during the Legislative session.

HARA – There will be a meeting with Mayor Kenoi on senior concerns on March 17 at the UPW hall at 9a.m.

Pre-Retirement Cadre – Funds are available and plans are being made for the next Institute Day.

COLA – The bill is still there and the committee will be doing more educating on the topic.

WHCC – Joann will be handling the West Hawaii meeting.

BIARA – No one attended the Legislative reception that was held.

Old Business


East Hawaii Annual Meeting – Feb.5 at Encore, buffet $15 for members $20 for guest.  50 members are anticipated.  Favors will be purchased from Big Island Delight. Program will consist of guest speaker Mayor Kenoi, HSTA-R President Justin Wong and report from Joe on COLA.  A collection for the Food Bank will be made – monetary or food donations will be accepted.

WHCC – Meeting will be held at the Daifukuji Temple Social Hall, Feb. 19, from 9am to 12 noon .  The speaker will be from the Innovations Charter School .

Nominations for Council Officers

            President – Wayne Joseph              VP – Marlyn Akiona

            Treasurer – Lois Shimizu                Secretary – Avis Mortemore

            5 members for Council at Large:

                 Bettye, Arleen, Myrna, Gayle Ito

Nominations for State Delegate Assembly

            Bettye Wakabayashi, JoAnn Iwane, Virginia Halliday, Arleen Yoshimura,

            Lois Shimizu, Muriel Nishimoto

New Business


Community service project – Arleen moved and Muriel seconded to take on the Big Island Marathon as a HSTA-R community service project.  Motion passed.

The Big Island Marathon will be on March 21.  There will be two shifts 6:30-9 and 9-12n.

Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 11am .

Note: Rae informed us on action being taken on the VEBA bill.  HSTA is starting a campaign to have Rep. Rhodes hear HSTA’s case on the bill.  Rep. Rhodes has said that he won’t hear the case in committee.  HSTA wants to make VEBA permanent after June 30th.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Hirata, Secretary

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