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News letter on Line & remember to vote Nov 6

September 30, 2012
You may view by clicking on the following link:
HSTA – Retired – Hawai`i District
     As retirees, we are still an active and vital part of the election process.We have educated ourselves and are ready to vote on November 6.
I would remind you that we have chosen to support Mazie Hirono because we believe that she is the best choice for education and retirees.
She has always been a strong supporter of Medicare and the retention of Social Security benefits for seniors.  She has also voted to repeal
the Government Pension Offset (GPO) and the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). She is definitely the best choice for retirees and our
beautiful Hawaii.
     There will be 6 County Charter Amendments on the Big Island ballot as well.  If you missed then in the Tribune Herald articles, you
can still pick up a copy of the amendments at the Hawaii County Building to learn more.
     United, we can keep Hawaii moving FORWARD for all of its citizens. GOTV (Get Out The Vote!)
Niyati Brown, President
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