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HARA meeting minutes from 8.7.12

August 7, 2012


Richard Baker








AUGUST 7, 2012




Call to Order:   10:00am by Chairman Steve Ono


Attendance:  Twelve members in attendance.


Housekeeping Notes:  Chairman informed group that local chapter cannot make decisions without the approval of the Statewide HARA; also, the Statewide HARA must agree on any issues brought up by the local HARA.  Example:  “Death with Dignity” agenda item.


In essence, all recommendations by the BIHARA (Big Island HARA) must go to the State HARA Executive Council.  Richard Baker is an ILWU appointee to this Council so he has a vote. 


Approval of Secretary’s Minutes:  Motion by Richard Baker, seconded by Eli Miura, motion passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  Information submitted by Shirley Ito and reported by Chairman Ono.  Account at HFS Credit Union;  checking account balance is $509.39 and savings balance is $105.99.


Chairman Ono also reported on the Affiliation Fee amounts which are paid by the parent unions at the state level.


In light of the need for BIHARA approval, as well as the timelines set in the amendment (re: nomination of officers) passed at the July 18, 2012 meeting, the amendment is not good.  Motion by Wayne Joseph, seconded by Moses Moke, to rescind the motion; motion passed.


New amendment proposed by Chair Ono and seconded by Richard Baker, motion passed.  Motion reads: “Elected District Officers shall be nominated and elected by the Big Island HARA Executive Council by December of the even numbered years.  Elected Officers shall assume their duties effective January 1st of the odd numbered years and serve for period of 2 years.”  This must now go to the Statewide HARA  for approval. 


Unfinished Business:  “Death with Dignity”.  Much discussion held, with the gist being that it is an issue that is difficult to discuss, much less to act upon.  Chair Ono asked all members to go back to their respective organizations and get a reading on whether “Death with Dignity” should be a retirement issue for BIHARA to take to the Statewide HARA.  Oregon and Washington were cited by Wayne Joseph as states with policies in place that we could look at and possibly use. 


New Business:  Alan Parker of the Hawaii County Office of Aging reported on two legislative items being worked on for the next legislative session.  These are funding for the next biennium to help set up ADRC’s on the other islands; and funding to build an Adult Day Care center on the grounds of the senior housing being built on Mohouli Street. 



He also reported that the State is looking at rebalancing the funding of long term care and in-home care facilities as they want more in-home care which costs less than long-term care.  Also,  at the Federal level, an “Adminstration of Community Living” department was recently set up.  The Affordable Care Act has also recently provided funding for medical facilities in Kau and Kona. 


Motion by Richard Baker, seconded by Wayne Joseph, that money be used from our account to buy pastries for our meetings.  Motion passed.


Anouncements:  Our next meeting will be held on October 2, 2012 at the ILWU    hall.


Chair Ono also announced that for the good of the order, he is resigning his position as of September 1, 2012.  The vice-chair, Richard Baker will take over.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:30am.     Respectfully Submitted, Aileen Lum , Secretary




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  1. Joe Tanaka permalink
    August 7, 2012 6:06 pm

    Yes. The right to decide when to end one’s life is not the business of the govt. or any other person or group. It is a personal, private freedom; one I would rank equal to those in the Bill of rights of the U.S. Constitution. It definitely is a legitimate issue of concern for any self respecting retiree organization. Mahalo, “Joe” Y. Tanaka, member, HSTA-R HI District.

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