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Big Island Hawaii Alliance for Retired Americans (HARA) minutes

July 18, 2012


HARA VC Richard Baker

MINUTES       JULY 18, 2012

Call to Order:  10:00am by Chairman Steve Ono

Attendance:  Eleven members in attendance

Chair’s Report:  Wayne Joseph has agreed to be Corresponding Secretary.  He will notify members of meeting dates and eventually set up a website.

Vice-Chair’s Report:  Primary goal is to protect benefits of seniors and to be able to function as a working group.

Treasurer’s Report:  There is about $58 left in the account.

Secretary’s Report:  June Rabago has resigned from HARA.  Position is now vacant, but Aileen Lum will continue until new secretary elected.

Unfinished Business:  Wayne Joseph proposed an amendment to the By-Laws to read: ”  The nomination of officers shall begin in the month and year of July 2012.”  Motion by Wayne Joseph, seconded by Moses Moke; motion carried.

Fundraising:  Discussion about possibility; no action taken.

New Business:  Date set for meeting with Legislators:  11/10/12.  Agenda for meeting will be discussed at 10/2/12 HARA meeting.

Nominations:  Wayne Joseph nominated the following slate of officers:  District Chair, Richard Baker; Vice Chair, Wayne Joseph; Secretary, Ruth Walker; Treasurer, Aileen Lum.  Move to accept by Moses Moke.  Nominations will be kept open until the August 7, 2012 meeting.

Announcements:  Meeting dates:  All meetings at 10:00am at ILWU Hall.  8/7/12, 10/02/12, 12/4/12. 

State HARA meetings:  8/18/12, 10/17/12, 12/19/12.  All held on Oahu.

Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 11:50am.                Aileen Lum, Secretary     Minutes subject to approval.

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