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President’s Farewell Message from Wayne ‘Big Dog’ Joseph

June 1, 2012

Big Dog

President’s Annual Report and Farewell Message

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

For the past two years it has been my pleasure to serve as the Hawaii Island District President.

If teachers are lifelong learners than I can truly say that I am a former teacher who continues to learn on a daily basis!

My decision to serve as your district president was based upon my personal belief that I need to continue to learn and to grow in this lifetime.  

With that being said I have accomplished my goal of learning what it is like to serve in the capacity of district president, a position that I held dear and honored.

Some of my most accomplished goals that I achieved was to create a district web site where information could be disseminated easily to our members.

I took on the task of creating this web site using my own knowledge of how the internet works and with my own financial resources. 

I will continue to monitor and post information onto the web site and will help our district with communications to our membership.

I became a member of the Big Island Labor Alliance two years ago and brought our HSTA-R group into the Labor fold in an attempt to see the bigger picture of many joining together.

Through the BILA we held a joint meet and greet to discuss retirement issues.

I also lead a proactive informative demonstration against our current anti collective bargaining Governor in August 2011 and we were joined by many of the BILA unions.

From our demonstration HSTA-R received numerous media support and was given a letter of appreciation from HSTA President Wil Okabe.

During my presidential tenure I wrote two state grants for us to have our own HSTA-R teacher tee shirts and HSTA-R bucket caps.  The two $400 grants enabled us to have the cost subsidized by the state office.

I believe in the mission of HSTA-R and will make myself available to new learning experiences as I continue in my quest to learn more about retirement issues so that we can transform our group into one that is educated on the issues.

My decision to step down as president was made six months ago as I look for new challenges within HSTA-R organization.

I will continue as president until June 30, 2012 when my term expires.   Your new president, Niyati Brown takes office, on July 1st.

None of the things above could have/would have been accomplished without the support and guidance of a wonderful District Council which stood up and stepped up at each critical juncture.

Many of you might know that I had brain surgery on February 1st to remove a malignant tumor. This unexpected event had slowed me down a bit, temporarily, but my mind, body and spirit, along with a loving and supportive wife, has put me back onto an eager and enthusiastic track of wanting to do more for our community.

My passion for life and my love of learning is inspiring me to continue and move forward as I make myself available for anything that lies in my future.

In the words of Arnold Schwarzeneger:   “I’ll be back

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  1. June 1, 2012 3:29 pm

    A beautiful message. You will surely be missed by many! You were an amazing leader, speaker and motivator for the HSTA-R!!

  2. RAJ permalink
    June 1, 2012 4:58 pm

    Hard to keep a great man down..His passion and devotion to education and retirement issues will continue always. Nothing can stop my husband from persuing the rights due to the people that worked to educate the future and are now our retirees. You are my role model and my hero!

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