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Some confusion about InformedRx Letter to Medicare retirees

May 3, 2012

TO:  EUTF Board of Trustees

We received calls yesterday from Medicare retirees regarding a letter they received from informed Rx (copy attached) telling them that their coverage  would cancel May 31.  Since the transition to CVS for the Medicare D EGWP
plan isn’t until July 1, this has caused some concern.  

We have contacted informed Rx and in the strongest terms requested they send out a correction.

We will be posting this letter with a message on our website and we will be changing the message on the EUTF phone, however, this is the population  that is the least web attached.  Our only way to reach them is to send out letters which if we do not hear from informed Rx with a corrected letter  today we will do.  Those union groups with retiree associations, please forward this email to them.  Any assistance you can render to get the word out would be appreciated.

Other than this and some last minute robo calls from informed mail, the transition is going reasonably well.  CVS has the mail order files and is filling prescriptions and paying claims at the stores.  They received over 400 calls in the first hour yesterday and EUTF member services has been answering calls continually.  So far CVS has received over 600 returned ID
cards due to incorrect addresses so we will be dealing with that group as we go forward.  More at the Board meeting.


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