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HSTA-R Hawaii District’s Steve Ono reports on the HSTA Convention 2012

April 12, 2012

The HSTA Convention was held on the week end of March 31 and this is April the 6th already!!! My notes regarding convention is filled with many thoughts but with time, it fades along with the body in terms of writing. So bear with me as I re-collect the events and my opinion on the highlights of this convention.

 As time and years go by, issues and concerns of teachers seem

Repetitive with regard to teaching conditions, classroom needs and the frustration of teachers in not feeling loved and supported by those that hold their occupational destinies in their “hands”. Comments on the Governor, Board of Education members, Department of Education officers as well as the legislators were more a vented outcry of help and expression of concern over the needs of the future of our nation’s primary talent and renewable resource—-our children.

 Certainly, we have been sounding off on these “complaints” for years, but as I listen to these teachers, memories flood thru my mind when HSTA was young and energetic. We seem to be more willing to reach out to the community by contacting legislators and attending hearings presented by the “powers to be” so that the public could better understand the needs of the school.

 I walked in the shoes of the teachers today, but like fashion

Changes, the problems of today are expressed as a variation of the children’s needs. Here’s hoping that the younger teachers would not feel alone in their “trials and tribulations” and be comforted by our support. As those that faced similar situations in the past. I did enjoy being present at the convention but my personal stamina says let the younger’s decide and hang around to help, when asked.

 Submitted: Steve Ono


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