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HSTA-R District Council Minutes from Feb 28, 2012 meeting

March 7, 2012


HSTA OFFICE (HILO LAGOON)                    February 28, 2012

Attendance:   Present: Marlyn Akiona, Lois Shimizu, Arleen Yoshimura, Bettye Wakabayashi, Y. Joe Tanaka, Myrna Watanabe, Muriel Nishimoto, Stephen Ono, Lorraine Hora, Cynthia Niyati Brown, Wayne Joseph, Avis Mortemore  Absent: Gayle Ito, Betty Ann Yoshimura, Jo Ann Iwane,

Call to Order: 9:20 a.m. by President Wayne Joseph

Secretary’s Minutes: Myrna Watanabe moved, Lois Shimizu seconded, minutes accepted

Treasurer’s Report: Myrna Watanabe moved, Lorraine Hora seconded, report accepted

President’s Report:

Attended Retirement Issues Committee & Board of Directors meeting last week in Honolulu

Went to lobby legislature – Senator Josh Green very supportive

Still support VEBA, protect Medicate B reimbursement, oppose taxing any retirement, support slow down of Unfunded Liability, support tax credit to teachers using own $ in class

HSTA annual convention delegates are: Steve Ono and Lorraine Hora were elected

NEA-R Annual Delegate: Steve Ono is first alternate

Annual Delegate Assembly in April – all names from Big Island submitted to State –Hawaii Chapter first to comply

Final report for Bucket Cap grant is due to state by March 23

Bucket caps were very popular at last week’s meeting. President thinking of taking on a community service project where he would use own money to buy some and sell them at cost at HSTA-R’s Annual convention

Lois Shimizu and Avis Mortemore will be in charge of T-shirt booth at the Big Island Marathon and need to meet with Wayne for responsibilities

Justin Wong was cc’d on the call for HSTA-R help at ratification voting

Newsletter: March 9 is deadline for articles. Request that all new addresses be sent to Lorraine

Hora so that she can update her newsletter updates

Vice President’s Report: Marlyn Akiona: Thanks to all for stepping up at the Annual Meeting.

Comments were all positive

Suggest that if budget permits that chapter pays for new members Blog by President encouraged people to come for “fun, fun, fun and door prizes”    Suggest bigger place so more can attend

Retirement Issues: Steve Ono reported that reapportionment is still up in air and legislators are looking into running for the new senate position.

Hopefully next legislative session will have more in attendance …looking to have 100 that way we will make an impression on the legislators.

Community Services: Betty Ann Yoshimura absent, reminder that the Marathon is the next community service event on Sunday, March 18, 2012:

6:00 – 9:00 a.m. : Lorraine Fukuda, Gayle Ito, Lois Shimizu, Jerri Shimizu, Dick and Avis Mortemore 9:00 – 12 Noon: Betty Ann Yoshimura, Arleen Yoshimura, Bettye Wakabayashi, Christine Tanioka, Marilyn Sato

Membership Committee: Muriel reported she received 3 pages of new members from the state. We have one new member since 12/16/11.

COLA: Y. Joe Tanaka reported at Jan. 13, CFC meeting:   (1) Powerpoint orientation on PRA project for Joan Husted. (2) Evaluated Nov. 29, 2011, info session held with three Trustees and Administrators of ERS and HGEA retirees unit. (3) Viability of a formal study on PRA’s effectiveness. Chair to do talking points

Feb. 15. CFC meeting:   (1) Study reso vis-a-vis legislation discussed. No legislation re. PRA this session. (2) Info session on unfunded liability held with ERS Administrator (3) Possibility of ERS study of PRA effectiveness discussed. Chair to contact public employee/teacher Trustees

Pre Retirement Cadre: Cynthia Niyati Brown and Arleen Yoshimura reported:

Statistics from state:            -Grade levels in elementary outnumbered others 4-1

-62% of participants at 25 yrs. or more years of service     -60% were at 5 years or less until retirement

-56% were in hybrid plan and significant number didn’t know what plan they were in  97% rated workshops at good or excellent

– Presented to 423 people   -19 workshops were held statewide

-NEA-R life time members should not be seeing any deduction for NEA in pension check. Cost in pension check would be only $3.75 deducted for HSTAR and $2 for insurance. Call Cora @833 2711 if you think you have questions.

-8 Chapters were serviced

Application for grant was not received so possibility the Chapters and State may have to pick up the tab

Meeting on 7/2712 and full cadre 8/29/12

Council thanks Arleen and Cynthia for all their hard work.

 Aloha Committee: May 8th will be luncheon so no one needs to bring refreshments.

West Hawaii Community Club: JoAnn Iwane was not present.

Old Business:

Final Elections report- Avis Mortemore: Delegates to HSTAR Hawaii Chapter Assembly are Stephen Ono, Arleen Yoshimura, Jo Ann Iwane, Lois Shimizu and alternates: Bettye Wakabayashi, Virginia Lawson-Halliday, Marcia May.

Council results on the web in May; Actual ballots are all on file, counters were not on ballot and have signed off on the ballot tally sheets.

Suggestions for next Elections:        Committee needs to begin early to call out for nominations

-Need to work out delegates elections so that we are back to electing 4 in each year nstead of 7 at one time

– Need to take up subject of delegate elections on the first meeting of the new council along with looking at the by-laws to clarify specific items in the elections

New Business:

Bettye Wakabayashi reported she called several restaurants for May 8, 2012 luncheon sponsored by chapter.

Myrna Watanabe moved that Nihon Restaurant be the site of the Council luncheon. Bettye Wakabayashi seconded. Motion passed.

It was suggested we invite Justin Wong to swear new board in, Rae Yamanaka, Ronell Arquero, George and Shirley Ito and new board member Joyce Hirata.

Wayne Joseph left and Vice- President Marlyn Akiona officiated the meeting.

Cynthia Niyati Brown moved to take $400 from the Reserve Fund to Governance Fund to cover lunch costs. Bettye Wakabayashi seconded. After much discussion motion passed.

Vice- President Marlyn Akiona left and Lorraine Hora officiated the meeting.

Bettye Wakabayashi moved to take $50 for a retirement gift certificate for Justin Wong from Administrative fund. Niyati seconded. Y. Joe Tanaka moved to amend the motion on the floor to add $25 to make it $75. Bettye Wakabayashi seconded. Motion and amendment passed.

Lois Shimizu will pick up gift card and Bettye will pick up stationery card.

There are a number of things to take up at the first meeting including communication.

If you call the HSTA-R office and you get the answering machine please leave message with your concern besides leaving phone number. That way the person returning call can get information quicker.

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