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HSTA-R Hawaii District Council Minutes from Jan24, 2012

February 21, 2012



January 24, 2012


Present: Wayne Joseph, Marlyn Akiona, Lois Shimizu, Bettye Wakabayashi, Y. Joe Tanaka, Gayle Ito, Myrna Watanabe, Betty Ann Yoshimura, Muriel Nishimoto, Lorraine Hora, Jo Ann Iwane, Cynthia Niyati Brown and Avis Mortemore

Absent: Stephen Ono, Arleen Yoshimura

Call to Order: President Wayne Joseph called meeting to order at 9:20 a.m.

Secretary’s Minutes: Betty Ann Yoshimura moved to accept the minutes of the November 29, 2011 meeting. Y. Joe Tanaka seconded and motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Lois Shimizu reported that we have a balance of $3031.12 in the checking account and $1198.76 in the savings. Lorraine Hora moved to accept report and Muriel Nishimoto seconded the motion. Report unanimously accepted by Council.

President’s Report: President Joseph stated:

Attended Legislature’s Opening Session on Tuesday, January 17, 2012

March 23 is deadline to submit folder to State

March 23 is deadline for Outstanding Distinguished Service Award

– 2 BOD have to nominate

– Must have 7 years of membership with HSTA-R

 Committee Reports:

Newsletter and Elections:

Community Services:    Betty Ann Yoshimura thanked all who helped with the “Light Up a Life” event held in December.

March 18 Marathon volunteer sign-up will be for two shifts: 6 a.m. – 9 a.m. and 9 a.m. – noon

Suggestion made by Lois to have sign-up open at the registration desk at the annual meeting so that there will be more helping hands especially for the first shift which requires folding of the shirts and Council members will sign up after to fill in gaps.

 Government Relations Committee: 2

It was reported for the absent Steve Ono that membership should be aware that the re-districting of senatorial districts on the Big Island is not set. Consequences depend on where the lines are drawn

Will get a better idea of the bills that are being introduced at our coffee hour scheduled for February 18.

Membership Committee:    Muriel reported that Michael Springer is a new member and that Kim Springer is making inquiries so members are joining earlier.

Total 654 members at last count

COLA:   Y. Joe Tanaka reported CFC meeting held on January 13, 2012. Guest Joan Husted was oriented to PRA improvement project.

Working on a Resolution to study effectiveness of PRA to be introduced this session.

Session on November 29, 2011 was evaluated

Next meeting set for February 15.

Pre Retirement Cadre:    Niyati reported that the cadre is winding down and workshops are going well

Jo Ann Iwane reported 18 workshops have been done statewide

Aloha Committee:   Gayle Ito reported that Steve Ono, Avis Mortemore and Jo Ann Iwane will bring refreshments to the February 28th meeting.

May 8th: Arleen Yoshimura Betty Ann Yoshimura and Gayle Ito will bring refreshments

Gayle reminded all that desserts will be welcomed at the February 18 coffee hour with the legislators

West Hawaii Community Club:    Jo Ann Iwane reported 20 people will be at the Annual Meeting in West Hawaii to be held at County Services Center at the Civic Center.

Guest speaker will be either Wally Lau or Bobby Command who will help everyone find the offices such as the DMV, Coordinated Services.

Free for all attending as the WHCC is picking up the bentos from Teshima’s for the attendees. $8.25 in total with the club paying $3.25 and each person paying $5.

Old Business:     Marlyn Akiona reported that 54 people will be attending Annual Meeting luncheon. She then conducted discussion on the agenda building for the Annual Meeting:


8:45 – 9:15 Registration

9:15- 9:30 Welcome by Vice President Marlyn Akiona 3

Recognition of guests

President’s Report (Marlyn Akiona)

9:30 – 9:40 COLA Report by Y. Joe Tanaka

9:40 – 10:00 Elections **

10:00 – 10:15 BREAK

10:15 – 10:45 “Get Off Your Rockers” – Dr. Kimo Alameda

10:45 – 11:30 Lucky number and Mingling

11:30 – 1:00 Lunch and Announcements

**Teeney, Gayle to count ballots.

District Award Folder work session – February 28, 9:15 a.m. Hilo Lagoon Office Have all attendance sheets, agendas, evaluations and pictures ready to put in the binder from March1, 2011 to March 1, 2012

Bucket caps possibly available for the annual meeting

Update telephone tree under new business how to fix communications

Elections         – President nominee-Cynthia Niyati Brown   – VP nominee- Avis Mortemore

– Secretary – possible Y. Joe Tanaka        – Treasurer – Lois Shimizu

– Council At Large: Bettye Wakabayashi, Myrna Watanabe, ArleenYoshimura, need one more nominee

– Nominees running for 4 Delegate Assembly seats: Jo Ann Iwane, Marcia May, Stephen Ono, Lois Shimizu, Bettye Wakabayashi, Arleen Yoshimura

-Teeney and Gayle will count ballots

New Business:      Justin Wong’s retirement gift tabled until next council meeting

Avis Mortemore reported that Legislative Coffee hour on February 18, 2012, 9 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

– Representatives Tsuji, Chang, and Hanohano will be there to talk about updates, etc. Senators and other Representatives will be reminded about the coffee hour. There is a possibility of Representative Mark Nakashima’s attendance as well. Reminder will be done at Annual Meeting.

How to fix communications was tabled until next meeting.

Adjourned 11:54. Myrna Watanabe moved and Betty Ann Yoshimura seconded.

Respectfully submitted,

Avis Mortemore, Secretary

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