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Senator Gilbert Kahele supports the working man and retirees

September 19, 2011
Sen Kahele answers questions at BILA

Senator Gilbert Kahele 99.9 percent in favor of retaining Medicare Plan B Reimbursement, by HSTA-R President, Hawaii Island, Wayne ‘Big Dog’ Joseph

Senator Kahele attended the monthly meeting of the Big Island Labor Alliance this morning at the ILWU Hall and answered many questions from the various unions in attendance.

One thing for certain Gil is 100 percent for the working man, as he stated for the record.

As the only retired union representative in attendance my question went straight to the meat of things.

I asked if Senator Kahele would go on record in his position for maintaining the reimbursement to public worker retirees for Plan B Medicare.

After a little thought Senator Kahele replied, “The Governor appointed me, but I don’t rubber stamp everything and I reserve the right to disagree with him,” he said.

Senator Kahele went on to reply on record by saying, “I am 99.9 percent in support of retirees and 100 percent in support of the working man.”

Later, during a private conversation, Senator Kahele told me how impressed he was with Joe Tanaka and his knowledge of retirement issues.

Senator Kahele will be having a fundraiser at the ILWU Hall in Hilo on October 27, starting at 5 pm.  A $10 donation is requested.

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  1. Steve permalink
    September 19, 2011 4:17 pm

    Thanks for keeping us retirees updated with all the goings on.
    I feel connected having this site for information.
    You represent us well.

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