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Ray Otaguro offers a difference of opinion to Jo’s letter

July 10, 2011

Editor’s Note:   Retired HSTA-R member Ray Otaguro provided the following rebutal to Ms. Iwane’s letter to the Governor.  the purpose here is too allow a free and open discussion of all points of view.  Members thoughts are welcomed.

Dear Wayne Joseph,

    Like Joanne, I am a retired teacher who also stood in the hot sun waving at motorists and asking for their support of our governor.  I also believe in collective bargaining and also understand that we are living in a time of economic crisis and that we all need to make some sacrifices.
    What the teachers are going through is regrettable but I have not seen any of our members publicly question the actions of HSTA president Wil Okabe.  Why was a contract offer by the state that he personally graded as B- not good enough to have the teachers vote on?  Why was leadership caught off guard by the state’s actions?  Why weren’t they more vigilant and on top of things?  I have also heard from sources that a gentleman’s agreement was reached and that the governor was surprised to hear that the HSTA leadership chose not to bring it to a vote.  Wil Okabe and the negotiating team owes the people they represent an explanation.
Ray Otaguro
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