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Open Letter to our Governor by an HSTA-R member

July 9, 2011

Jo Iwane

editor’s note: Jo’s letter to the Governor does not represent HSTA-R’s position, but is simply a letter from a concerned citizen, retired public school teacher and mother who happened to support Neil in the past election.  (I happen to agree with her)

Dear Neil,
I was one of the many retired teachers who stood out in the hot sun for hours to get YOU elected  last fall.  I am deeply disappointed in your stance on the teacher’s contract – PLEASE make every effort to get the DOE back to the negotiating table to come up with a FAIR contract for all of the hard-working, dedicated teachers.  This is personal for me because both my daughter and son-in-law are teachers here in KONA and deserve a better contract than the “last, best” offer…..please REMEMBER that it was HSTA and other public unions who helped to get you ELECTED…you have been a strong supporter for teachers in the past so i ask you to INTERVENE NOW.  i BELIEVE in you, neil, but, i am also disappointed in your actions regarding the present contract negotiations between HSTA and the DOE.
Jo Ann Iwane
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  1. J.N. permalink
    July 10, 2011 3:34 pm

    I agree with Jo we went out and sign waved as a group in support of his nomination. We gave up our time to see that he was nominated. We told friends and family to support him…he sure has a short memory. Education should not be sacrificed!

  2. Kacy permalink
    July 10, 2011 3:44 pm

    I appluad you Jo in stating what many of us are feeling.
    I just finished a letter to the governor urging him to bring the DOE back to the table. Education should be #1! We can not afford to sacrfice our educational system again. We have already given 2 years of shared sacrifice. We can not get overtime pay as every other profession does. How can they say this is the last best offer? And send out SF5 to teachers? We didnt vote on the contract!!!Unions do exsit to protect the members. If they can do that to us they will do it to others as well. Think Mr. A before you shut down the educational system.

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