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Abercrombie Vows to bring back legislation on Medicare Plan B

May 19, 2011

Pension Tax and Medicare Part B reimbursements still on Governors agenda

The taxing of government workers pension income and the elimination of the Medicare Part B reimbursement were some key proposals from Governor Neil Abercrombie to help balance the state in 2011.

Both plans failed to make it through the legislature this year and the governor blamed its failure on what he called “scare tactics” made from groups like AAPR of Hawai’i.

Governor Abercrombie has been highly critical of AARP saying, “I’m not going to counter them, I am going to roll over them.”

The governor made these anti AAPR remarks following a speech given to the Kauai Chamber of Commerce.

Governor Abercrombie believes in his “shared sacrifice” to every group, including public worker retirees.

“I’m going to keep hitting the message of fairness and equity,” he said.  “Why should somebody who’s got a retirement income by another name – aren’t the dollars spent the same?  Aren’t the economic pictures the same?  

Besides bringing back legislation to tax pensioners in the 2012 session the governor also will continue to ask that we pay our portion of Medicare Part B.

“It’s a question of equity and fairness,” the governor argues.

The governor went on to slam the national AARP organization by saying that they have a “selfish interest” because they sell insurance.

“This is when your special interest becomes a private interest at the expense of the public interest,” he said.

Editors Note:  Excerpts for this article were taken from the Honolulu Civil Beat, written by Chad Blair.

Also, I (Wayne Joseph) have been a proud member of AARP for more than 10 years and I do not in any way share in the governor’s animosity towards that organization.  I would suggest that we continue our fight against taking away our benefits in which we fought so hard to gain.

As teachers we made significant sacrifices throughout our careers and we should not give up our current level of benefits by simply rolling over.

Be diligent and willing to be a vocal during the 2012 election process as this battle will be won or lost at the ballot box.

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  1. Tanya K permalink
    May 19, 2011 11:05 am

    Thanks for all the hard work and for letting us know where we stand as Retirees.
    Mahalo Nui

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