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HSTA-R Hawai’i Island Council Minutes from 3/29/11

May 8, 2011



Tuesday, March 29, 201

Attendance:   Present: Wayne Joseph, Marlyn Akiona, Lois Shimizu, Arleen Yoshimura, Bettye Wakabayashi, Joe Tanaka, Myrna Watanabe, Betty Ann Yoshimura, Muriel Nishimoto, Sharon Yanazaki, Stephen Ono,Lorraine Hora, JoAnn Iwane, Niyati Brown and Avis Mortemore

            Absent: Gayle Ito, Lillian Takemura

Call to Order: President Wayne Joseph called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m.

Secretary’s Minutes: Niyati moved to accept minutes with corrections.  Arleen Yoshimura seconded.  Minutes accepted

Treasurer’s Report:  Balance brought forward as of 3/28/11 $2162.47. Reminder to all that receipts with voucher are needed before reimbursement checks can be written.  Niyati moved to accept.  Muriel seconded.  Treasurer’s report accepted.

President’s Report:  President Wayne thanked all for help withMarathon in the T-shirt booth.  Everything ran very smoothly. He also acknowledged the Active HSTA group for manning Aid Station #7 at mile marker 14.  Rae Yamanaka reported and shared this in the UNISERV report and at the RA meeting.

The Pensioneers Club made up of  ILWU, HGEA, UPW and HSTA-R met on March 3, 2011 and ILWU hosted the meeting.  Discussion centered about legislation and ILWU made it very clear that there should be no taxation on pensions.  There was a feeling of solidarity with the unions.   Joe Tanaka creditsWaynefor putting the idea of the Pensioneers Club. 

Binder of the year’s work was turned in by Joe Tanaka to the State for the Delegate Assembly.  This is a way for districts to see what other districts are doing.  This is difficult for President to put together by himself.  The sections are:  President Reports, Council Agendas and minutes, Budgets, Activities, Communications, Newsletters, Blogs, and pictures of activities.  President is open to suggestions. Lorrainesuggested a work session in early March to put the book together rather than only one person doing it.   A motion will be made under “New Business.”  Also, websites should be a part of the competition as well.  Avis Mortemore volunteered to oversee the work session.  President will put in an extra work session should the motion carry.

Committee Reports:

Newsletter and Elections: Lorraine Hora e-mailed newsletters to 304 addresses and post mailed to 282 addresses.   290 newsletters plus stamps cost total:  $268.55. 

Community Services: Betty Ann Yoshimura reported that the Blood Bank refreshments section went well.  There were several donation checks from the Annual Meeting and she was able to buy some more goodies toward the end of the day.  $28.77 left for next year.  There were 17 volunteers and 23 food donations. Lorraine shared the poster that was posted at Hilo Rice Noodle, Island Naturals, YMCA, Starbucks onKilauea, and Abundant Life reminding people of the Blood Bank donation day.

The Marathon drew 12 volunteers and Betty Ann remarked that several people offered thanks for helping.  Shirt booth ran smoother with no lines all the way to the bathroom.  HSTAR shirts looked good and identified retired teachers.

Membership Committee: Muriel Nishimoto reported that there two referrals and Betty ann has acted as a connector to the new members.  The mantra shall be “Always Encourage New Members.”  Thank you to Betty Ann Yoshimura’s mother for making the leis and donating them to the club.  Muriel will be putting together the updated complete list of members.

COLA: Joe Tanaka reported:

            *Senate bill 649 that helps retirees most in need because of long time lower pensions has been deferred. 

            *Resolution HCR 248 calling for a study by the Legislative Reference Bureau on the effectiveness of PRA has been introduced and will hopefully be adopted by end of session.  The very important task along with Retirement Issues Committee and GR will be to learn the parameters of the study, get input and monitor progress to meet the study’s delivery deadline of 20 days prior to the 2011 session. 

COLA committee is making progress.  Betty Wakabayashi thanked Joe for researching and for keeping us all informed.

Pre Retirement Cadre:  Arleen Yoshimura reported the following:

    * 2010 NEA-R State Project Grant Mid-Year Progress Report in February was submitted

        – Completed 12 presentations onHawaii, Kauai, Maui, Molokai/Lanai andOahu

        – Challenges:  loss of Teachers’ Institute Day and transition of both active & retired teachers from VEBA to EUTF

*  Cadre Evaluation Meeting was on February 23rd 

        – Each District gave an evaluation report on their presentations

        – Data from the evaluation reports were compiled

        – Materials & presentations were reviewed and major revisions were recommended

        – Members continue to update information in the script, visual aids & handouts

 *  In March, two more were completed in Leeward & Kahalui and two more are scheduled for April in Kohala and in Honolulu 

 *  Important Cadre Dates

        – Cadre Steering Committee Meeting, July 20, 2011

        – Cadre Committee Meeting, August 24, 2011

        – Institute Week (October 10-14…days to be set by HSTA) 

      Niyati volunteered to be trained to help with Pre-Retirement presentations

Aloha Committee:  Gayle not in attendance.

West Hawaii Community Club: JoAnn Iwane reported WH annual meeting was held on February 4 atNELHGatewayCenter. 30 retirees were in attendance with President Wayne Joseph conducting the meeting. Justin Wong also attended and reported on latest legislative update on bill that would possibly affect retirees.  New T-shirts were purchased and every one went home with prizes.  Guest speaker was Physical Therapist Debby Day on the subject of keeping active and maintaining mobility.  Lunch provided by Blazing Steaks whose owner is the son of HSTA-R members, Richard and Grace Sasaki.  Next meeting will be on May 6 at NELH. 

Old Business:  President Wayne reported T-shirt sales going well.  No larges left. 

Marlyn Akiona reported on the Annual meeting.

  • Held at Nani Mau on Feb. 10, 2011
  • Guest speakers were Lloyd Narimatsu on Public Safety and Molly Masaoka doing Yoga and Meditation
  • Total attendance was 33 members and 4 guests 
  • Total expenses $123.53.  Suggestions to bring more people would be printing a coupon for the newsletter to have them come to the meeting and pick up a prize with the coupon. 

New BusinessSteve Ono reported that the proposals now at the legislative sessions will not affect present retirees. 

  • Legislature considering new hires from June 2011 to receive 1 ½ % PRA
  • Reimbursement Bill for medicare is dead. 
  • HS bill 1092 on the GET increase-HSTA is in favor
  • Everyone involved needs to start writing testimonies

Bettye Wakabayashi moved to set aside a meeting to assemble the folder for the District Award for 2012.  Lorraine Hora seconded.  After discussion motion passed.

Lorraine Hora moved to have the State Delegates except for Wayne Joseph to wear their Retired Teacher Life Long Learner T-shirt to the Delegate Assembly.  Bettye W. second and motion passed.

Niyati Brown moved that the Hawaii District Council will write a letter to the HSTA-R Board of Directors to add a category for website design and content in the District Award competition beginning in 2012.   Betty Ann seconded.  Niyati to outline letter and secretary to write out.   Motion carried. 

Meeting adjourned 11:52. 

 Respectfully submitted,

 Avis Mortemore, Secretary

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