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HSTA’s Recommended Candidates for the General Election

September 29, 2010
Cast Your Vote for Education

The Hawaii State Teachers Association believes every child deserves a quality education and every teacher deserves a
quality teaching environment. After thorough research and consideration of candidates who applied for HSTA’s
recommendation, the HSTA Board of Directors recommends these candidates for election in the General Election on

November 2, 2010.

U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives   District Candidate  

U.S. Senate Daniel K. InouyeU.S. House (District 1) Colleen Hanabusa         U.S. House (District 2) Mazie Hirono
Vote NO on Ballot Question

Shall the Board of Education be changed to a board appointed by the Governor, with the advice
and consent of the Senate, as provided by law?

OAHU  State Senate PRICE, Larry (District 8) IHARA, Les (District 9) CHUN OAKLAND, Suzanne (District 13)
State House  NISHIMOTO, Scott (District 21)SAIKI, Scott (District 22) BROWER, Tom (District 23) CHOY, Isaac (District 24) LUKE, Sylvia (District 26) VASQUEZ, Lynn (District 27) RHOADS, Karl (District 28) MANAHAN, Joey (District 29) MIZUNO, John (District 30)  ICHIYAMA, Linda (District 31) JOHANSON, Aaron (District 32) OSHIRO, Blake (District 33) TAKAI, K. Mark (District 34) AQUINO, Henry (District 35) TAKUMI, Roy (District 36)

YAMANE, Ryan (District 37) LEE, Marilyn (District 38) HAR, Sharon (District 40)BRADSHAW, Jason (District 43) SHIMABUKURO, Maile (District 45) SAGAYSAY, Larry (District 46) WOOLEY, Jessica (District 47) ITO, Ken (District 48) CHONG, Pono (District 49) LEE, Chris (District 51)

State Senate 
KOKUBUN, Russell (District 2) State House NAKASHIMA, Mark (District 1)

TSUJI, Clifton (District 3) HAPAI, Marlene (District 4) COFFMAN, DENNY (District 6)EVANS, Cindy (District 7)
BOARD OF EDUCATION  ROCHA-WILSON, Leona (School Board II, Dept. 2 – Maui)
(School Board I, At Large – Oahu) ————————————————



HSTA Recommended  Candidates Elected in the  Primary Election or  Unopposed State House
Paid for by the Hawaii State Teachers Association Government Relations Committee

, Carol (Dist. 11)     

WARD. Gene (Dist. 17)MARUMOTO, Barbara (Dist. 19)THIELEN, Cynthia (Dist. 50) 



MAUI  State Senate   KAUAI State Senate KOUCHI, Ronald (District 7) State House TOKIOKA, James (District 15) MORIKAWA, Daynette (District 16)

TSUTSUI, Shan (District 4) State House SOUKI, Joe (District 8) KEITH-AGARAN, Gil (District 9) McKELVEY, Angus (District 10) BERTRAM, Joseph, III (District 11) YAMASHITA, Kyle (District 12) CARROLL, Mele (District 13)

ESPERO, Will (District 20) TOKUDA, Jill (District 24) Governor and Lieutenant Governor          Neil Abercrombie and Brian Schatz 

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