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Know your COLA

May 30, 2010
CFC Chair, Joe Tanaka

Your COLA #31

Aloha and happy holidays as you wind things up for Spring and gracefully move

into a hectic but pleasant summer. Stay busy and healthy folks!

The model for an improved PRA and a catch-up for long-term retirees were held in

abeyance for the 2010 legislative session. With the state’s budget crunch, pushing for

items with monetary implications would have likely been futile. Prudence over valor was wiser.

Your CFC’s next meeting on June 24 will focus upon specifics of what’s next, who does it and when.

It’s all part of preparing for 2011, and the best “to do” is to do as much between sessions as possible. We

have the plan and understand the actions that need to be taken. It’s a big undertaking making for an

interesting summer and fall for the Committee and others. As always we will continue to keep you posted

through these articles and other means. Call 959-7693 for info or making inquiries. Mahalo.

Joe Tanaka, Chair


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