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HSTA Convention, TAT, VEBA and more……

May 30, 2010

HSTA Convention
 Four of the ten HSTA-Retired delegates to the HSTA Convention were from Hawaii District – Lorraine Hora,Steve Ono, Bettye Wakabayashi, Joe Tanaka. There were two By Law Amendments submitted by HSTA Retired and both of them were adopted. One was the inclusion of “non chapter affiliate” members (HSTA-R andHSTA-S) to be able to attend all HSTA Board meetings. The second was to allow HSTA-Retired to determine the manner in which HSTA-Retired By Laws and Amendments be adopted. 
The State’s effort to withhold all or part of the Transient Accommodation Tax revenues from the Counties was not heard in committee and failed. The Counties will receive their share of the TAT revenues. Thank you to all who submitted testimony in support of the County of Hawaii. Mayor Billy Kenoi sent a most appreciative mahalo letter for HSTA-Retired, Hawaii District’s support on this matter.

HSTA-R State Delegate Assembly

Held April 23, 2010, at Honolulu Country Club, Hawaii District was represented by 12 delegates. 

 Guest speakers included Alvin Nagasako, new HSTA Executive Director, and Wil Okabe, HSTA President. Yoshiichi Joe Tanaka was the recipient of the 2010 HSTA- Retired Distinguished Service Award. Joe has been actively involved with the HSTA Retired since his retirement in 1995, serving as District President and Council member, State Director, Board Trustee and Chairof the former HSTA Member Benefits Corporation, and currently as Chair of the State COLA

Fairness Committee. He is committed to making sure that the older retirees are taken care of dueto the rising rate of inflation. Congratulations to Joe as he is most deserving of this award.

Congratulations to our Hawaii District for being selected as 2010 District of the Year. Hawaii District also garnered the Outstanding Program Award and the Outstanding Newsletter Award. A perennial plaque has been created and it is displayed at the HSTA State Office.


 SB 2691 Relating to the payment of Employee Retirement System Benefits was amended several times and signed into law by the Governor on May 11, 2010 as Act 094. This changes your pension benefit to once a month directly deposited into a bank/credit union account beginning July 1, 2011. Authorization of payment by direct deposit must be done by April 1, 2011. You will be getting notification from ERS before this date.
There is one exemption – a person who became a retiree or beneficiary before l/l/2003, is at least 80 years old by 1/1/2011, and receives $800 or less of pension benefits each month.
The Trustee Board is looking at the plan coverage for these 6 months. The Chiro Plan most likely will bedropped and rate and benefits may see changes for members. The Trust Fund reserves will be used to payclosure costs and it is uncertain at this time if the reserve fund will have enough to continue to cover the”overage” of retiree costs.


SB 2395 Relating to the Budget gave VEBA Trust Pilot Program a 6 month extension till December 31, 2010, and appropriated funds for costs to transition members of VEBA to EUTF. Governor signed it into law on May16, 2010, as Act 106.

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